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My offerings are for people who are experiencing physical and mental difficulties by teaching them ancient Himalayan yoga methods. These techniques focus on balancing the nervous system, which helps to enhance mental clarity and inner peace. Himalayan yoga has a long-standing tradition and is renowned for promoting overall well-being, including physical, mental, and spiritual health.


21-Day Himalayan Meditation

Join us for a 21-Day Himalayan Meditation experience and let go of daily stress. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, "nerves cells that fire together, wire together." It's never too late to cultivate more peace in life. Our aim is to align with the peaceful nature of divine intelligence and relax the nervous system through connecting with greater stillness (Shunya). This all-level meditation will take place on Zoom every day for 30-45 minutes, where we will use ancient breathing techniques to attain a state of stillness and cultivate a new way of being. 

Meet with us every first of the month at

7:30 AM (MST) for 21 days.

The cost for the program is $168.


1:1 Himalayan Practice

Transform your energy with our 1:1 Himalayan Practice. This intuitive and personalized practice focuses on increasing energy and vitality, as well as fostering a connection to your inner peace. Our session, lasting approximately 90 minutes, will take place on Zoom and will feature the sharing of ancient techniques for aligning with divine intelligence. Spots are available on Tuesday at 2 PM, Thursday at 5:30 PM, Friday at 2 PM, and Saturday at 12 PM, with additional times to be added later. Invest in your well-being for only $108.

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